Benjamin Pioneer Airbow

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BJ-BABPNBX [PY-3894-7466]
Benjamin Pioneer Airbow
Included:3 carbon fiber arrows, scope, sling and quiver

Max Velocity450 fps
Muzzle Energy168 ft/lbs

199,000.00200,000.00 (-1%)


Benjamin Pioneer Airbow

  • Precharged pneumatic airbow powered by 3000 psi of compressed air
  • Integrated pressure regulator delivers 8 consistent full power shots at 450fps
  • Ambidextrous top cocking bolt
  • 2 pound cocking force with trigger lever
  • Free floating barrel with patent-pending stabilizing system ensures precision accuracy
  • Synthetic black stock
  • Picatinny rail system, canted, with additional 20 MOA
  • Bullpup configuration, short 33.5″ overall length


  • 375 grain custom full-sized carbon fiber arrows with field tips, 3 arrows
  • 6x40mm CenterPoint scope with MTAG reticle
  • 20 MOA base
  • Custom sling
  • Gun-mounted, quick-detach quiver system
  • Realtree AP camo decal kit

Scope Features:

  • 6.2x magnification
  • 40mm objective lens
  • 1″ tube, one-piece aluminum construction
  • 2.83″ eye relief
  • Field of view 16.8 ft at 100 yards
  • Fingertip turret adjustable
  • Length 13″
  • Weight .97 lb.

Benjamin has created a completely new category of hunting weapon with the Pioneer Airbow! This hybrid hunting weapon combines the power of a rifle, the stealth of a PCP gun, and the flexibility of a crossbow. The Pioneer Airbow shoots full-sized arrows at a sizzling 450 fps (even faster than a crossbow), and its safer and easier to operate than a traditional crossbow.

Hunters who aren’t able to draw a compound bow or cock a crossbow will love the convenience of the Pioneer’s trigger mechanism and the ease of using the top-cocking lever. The lever requires only two pounds of cocking force and can be operated with only two fingers. Decocking is just as easy.

Fill the Pioneer Airbow to 3000 psi and enjoy 8 consistent full-power shots. You’ll notice that the arrows stabilize quickly and offer an expanded kill range for any game animal you’re after. Groups are typically less than 2″ at 50 yards and canting the airbow has no affect on its accuracy. And, no complex maintenance is required as with crossbows.

With the cutting diameter of today’s broadheads and the power behind this airbow, take this in the field and hunt large game with confidence.

The Pioneer Airbow features an all-weather, synthetic black stock with a full Picatinny mounting rail for adding your favorite accessories. It comes ready to go with three 375 grain carbon fiber arrows featuring nano ceramic Victory ICE coating for increased speed, penetration and easy retrieval, plus field tips. The optics package includes a CenterPoint 6x40mm scope with an MTAG reticle that offers aiming points to 75 yards. A canted Picatinny base provides an additional 20 MOA of adjustment, and the package rounds out with a custom sling and quick-detach quiver. A Realtree APÂ camo decal kit is also included so you can decorate the Airbow.

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Benjamin Pioneer Airbow

199,000.00200,000.00 (-1%)

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